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Yes i'm the source of that stupid hashtag that went almost everywhere. And yes there still a lot more people I wish I could've sent it to.

And at the risk of you all starting your rants about me putting this almost everywhere and I am incredibly sorry if it turned out to be spam BTW. I'm going to be honest.

1. It's true. You guys are the reason i'm a content creator at all why my deviantart and youtube exsits. Why my content exsits why I have the friends I do now.
2. Sending that hashtag was the only way to get my hero's here.
3. Why I sent that foresaken hashtag...

I am prepared to probably be the most stupid person you guys ever met. I am prepared to ask you guys maybe the most awkward question you guys ever heard or seen.

And i've been at this for 3 years and a half. And I hope you guys will understand... 

Because I know I might lose something very important to me...But I have to try...
Twilyx360 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 19, 2017

I want to ask you guys all 1...

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